Earth Goddess

Gaia is a name given to Mother Earth. Pachamama is Mother Earth’s name given her by her South American followers. Earth Goddess is the name we give ourselves when we honor her in any form. This jewelry offers holistic, metaphysical expressions of our lives in physical form.

These pieces of jewelry carry the symbols which represents the perpetual renewal of life, the passing of life, and the nurturing of life during its time on this planet. Keeping these images close helps remind us of our obligations to Her, and the rewards we reap when we do.

Just like our bodies tell us when it’s time to slow down, Mother Earth has told mankind it’s time to do that too. We know what happens when we don’t listen to our bodies —  we suffer breakdowns, burnout and overwhelming fatigue.

I am a believer that Mother Earth is speaking to us, and is telling us that we MUST slow down, regroup, re-think, re-organize, re-imagine. I believe that she will not let us up until we do. Wearing an Earth Goddess symbol reminds us of our challenge to listen and act.

The Earth Goddess collection pays homage to Mother Earth. As well as the Gaia bracelet, the symbol of the sound of the universe —  Ohm — is center front on the Ohm bracelet. the Tree of Life is here as is the Ankh, Gratitude/Pachamama and Triskele symbols. Coming: the seed of life, the circle, the lotus blossom, fire, wind, water and air and yin/yang..

Other Earth Goddess bracelets depict textures from earth, reminiscent of waves, sand dunes and rolling hills. Sparkle from a crystal moon or sun reminds us of the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

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